21 days of Prayer & Eliminating Distractions

21 days of Prayer & Eliminating Distractions

Sun, January 10, 20168:00 AM

January 10 – January 30
We are encouraging everyone to join us in committing to strengthening your prayer life! You are welcome to join us in corporate prayer on the next three Sundays from 10:30-10:45am as well as the next three Tuesdays from 6:30-6:45pm (at Thrive Church). We are also challenging you to eliminate one personal distraction (ie. Social Media, TV, group chats, etc.) in order to spend more time with God.

Join Us

Sundays @ 9AM & 11:30AM
5515 Bryce Lane
Richmond, VA 23224 

Sundays @ 2PM
VCU Harris Hall

1015 Floyd Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220